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I came across It started with The Most Interesting Man in The World then I just went berserk. I could do this all day long. Totally hilarious.

It was unique. I’ve never seen clouds like I did this evening. It reminded me of Michelangelo’s - The Creation of Adam.

Singer Island Florida

Singer Island Florida

Niagara Falls is a great weekend adventure. I would recommend it to anyone. Be sure to visit the Canadian side for much better picture taking than you see here. You can also go down a tunnel in the gift shop that leads you behind and underneath the falls. Don’t worry they give out rain jackets. You should also take the ferry to the base of the falls. Then when you’re done with that excursion drive down the river and walk down to a ramp to see the rapids. Incredibly fast and loud. And further down the river is a beautiful bed of flowers and a cable ride over the swirling pool below. The city of Niagara has plenty of food and fun for the whole family. And if you can, make it a summer trip, it’s mighty cold in winter time.

I’m making a new Commandment. Number XI - Thou Shalt Respect the Earth - JEB
My thoughts flow like water over a waterfall. They shatter upon the rocks below. So many ideas and nothing to capture them with. - JEB
I’d like to post a suggestion to fix the planet…

I’m freaking out more and more about global warming. I completely understand that I’m supposed to ignore it and go about life as if it has nothing to do with me. I also understand that I’m supposed to go out and enjoy life and party just like everyone else. But I’ve done all the partying I want to do, and I’ve had all the fun I need to have in life. I don’t even want any more fun. I’ve had more than my share of fun. I’ve been to 46 states, and from Hong Kong to Venice and everywhere in between. Please no more fun. It’s an incredible world out there and I would HIGHLY recommend that you go out and see it. Back to global warming. It’s coming and we need do the best we can to minimize the effects it will have on civilization over the next 500 to 10,000 years. Instead of trying to scream from the mountaintops some of us need to work on a solution. Columbus took a few boatloads of people and changed the world forever. Einstein did it alone. We need to come up with solutions that can integrate into everyday life so people don’t have to make a conscious effort. Make it easy for the people and they will do whatever is necessary to fix the planet. If there were only brown paper bags at the grocery store instead of plastic bags then people would use them. There wouldn’t be any complaints. It would just be normal life. So let’s try to make normal life a routine of making a better planet earth. I think we can all concur that getting off of oil and moving to solar, wind and other renewable energy is our main priority. It’s a slow transition and only new science like nanotechnology will ever fully get us off of oil dependency. But as far as the second priority, I’d like to make a personal suggestion. Quote me on this one. For a planet to be self sustaining, any modern civilization must always use recyclable materials when building products. If you do not use recyclable materials then you are constantly creating more waste. Nature is self sustaining because everything is recycled, and we all know that Mother Nature recycles EVERYTHING down to the last atom. According to the mathematical logic of self sustenance, in my opinion, no civilization can survive for too long if they do not adhere to that rule. I’ve had an idea for over a decade now and I think it’s time to speak up. I think the best system of producing goods is to manufacture them modularly. We should not be buying a big bulky refrigerator that has tubes and wires, an ice maker, and water dispenser. It should be built modularly. If I can’t afford the ice maker then they don’t include it. It just disconnects. No water dispenser? Just disconnect it. When the day comes that I can afford it, I will go buy the latest module that just connects to my fridge. The front door of the fridge is a module. I can buy different inserts/modules and also buy an entirely different colored/styled door. Why buy a whole new fridge? If a car was modular you could change the style of the trunk all by yourself. Turn in the old one, which is made of recyclable material and go home with a new one. For that matter you could change the entire style of your car my just swapping out modules. And when it comes to repairs, just buy a new module. They all fit together the same way no matter what module it is. Snap off the old starter, turn it in, and snap in a new one. Life in its entirety becomes much simpler. You can always get the latest and greatest of any product without having to buy the entire product again and again. TV’s, cell phones, computers, chairs, beds, all should be modular. Pieces that come apart and can be replaced at anytime. And not with 32 screws washers, nails, and plastic fasteners. Everything connects the same way. Regardless if we don’t like living with products like that, in order for a civilization to last longer than a few thousand years it needs to build products modularly. Again it’s my opinion, but I bet it holds true mathematically. And the bottom line here is, there’s a lot of math in all of those satellites floating above our heads. Math controls our lives. We need to use it as effectively as possible in order to make our civilization survive. All could be lost far beyond what we can imagine if we do not protect our future. And that my friends is a mathematical certainty!

Modularly: Designed with standardized units or dimensions, as for easy assembly and repair or flexible arrangement -

We will never make that change. But our ancestors will figure that out and they will build efficiently. Their efficiency will be exponentially better than ours and thus they will grow exponentially. We are bound by the chains we have built around ourselves. We’ve built an infrastructure to live 100 years but we needed to build one that would last 500 years. Smaller more efficient countries can make that change, Singapore for instance. But the U.S. is bound to its roots in the architecture that has defined its culture. The new city needs a more effective way of handling all of a cities needs by using a systematic approach that can last a millennium, not just 200 years. If it can be updated modularly then each piece and part of society can change more efficiently and more rapidly, allowing for more focus on quality of life rather than constantly repairing life. One of the strongest standards in life is an electrical outlet. The modular connection needs use a similar standard. Everyone person grows up knows how to put things together. From a 2 year old to a 100 year old. That would be the future of producing goods, a far fetched idea today but a must in order for a civilization to survive for what may seem an eternity.

I suggest that The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel or Science channel put together a TV show where a group of engineers transform a city into a self sustaining fully green city. Call the show Green Town. Town by town they lay out the plans and concepts for going green and one by one each is transferred to its own grid. They can work on towns in third world countries with no infrastructure whatsoever and by doing this they will learn what the most efficient foundation is, that creates for a simpler process of growth and management of the city. So much we need to learn, and yet so many new ideas are out there to be implemented. There should also be a TV show called “New City”. It will be the real live building of a self sustaining city that has all electric vehicles. The city has specific access points and there is no access for gas powered vehicles. Your car is on a grid and you can see your position and all vehicles around you by watching the dashboard screen while you sit back and relax. All cars are evenly spaced at all times. You get dropped off and the car parks itself if you own it, or if you don’t, it picks up the next customer and drives off to its next destination. All parking spaces have charge pads in them. Robots help you at the store. The shopping cart rolls out to the car on its solar powered motor. And it places a modular box of groceries into your perfectly modular trunk. In the future your car could run errands for you on its own without you having to make the trip. From picking up the kids, to picking up a package. Hopefully the end result is we are in better shape than ever because we create habits of being physically fit being we have more time to enjoy the outdoors. What a dream. But if we built the city, I feel as though it might feed upon itself and provide a great return on our investment. And please, no above ground wires clouding the views, they must go the way of the horse and buggy.

I’ll never forget Hurricane Wilma in 2005. It was only a Category 1 and we were sure it wouldn’t do much damage. We were wrong. Don’t play with Mother Nature she always wins. Please listen when the warnings go out and get yourself to the strongest shelter you can find. Your life is worth far more than your home.

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful city in Mexico. Plenty of sun and fun to go around. Walk along the beach until you find a small boat, then ask the local Capitan to take you on a voyage out to sea. You’ll see whales, sting rays, and visit small secluded islands not far from shore. Swim with dolphins or take a zip line down the mountain. Take a horse ride to the waterfall in the mountains. And don’t forget to visit the Old City to see the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Puerto Vallarta is a great escape for anyone in search adventure.

It is 2014, and it seems certain that the Earth is determined to add the human race to the layers of sediment atop the Grand Canyon. We have a limited time left on this planet. - JEB